Our company might be new, but our founders have had many successful years of experience working with all types of technology in many industries. We strive to combine the thrift of our nonprofit experiences with the expertise of our commercial backgrounds.

With us, it's not "our way or the highway." Want us to help your own staff take on some IT duties? We can do that. Need evening support? We can do that too.

We've made a lot of connections over the many years we've been in the IT business. Our partnerships help us find the best solutions at the lowest costs.

We're technologists, so of course we like shiny things.  But we are also business focused. We know that the most expensive solutions are rarely the best ones for our clients.

We're focused on Maine.  Headquartered in Scarborough, we are within easy reach of most of the State's businesses and people. We'll gladly head north or Down East too.

We offer friendly support from people who actually listen before speaking.  We won't assume you don't know anything about technology, but if IT isn't your forte, we'll respect you all the more.